Team Information

Short Course Season Information:

Those new athletes interested in swimming at the Star Hill Facility in Tolland:Tryouts @ 6pm and parent informational meeting @ 6:30pm Tuesday September 9th at the Star Hill Pool

Practice will begin  Wednesday September 10th at Star Hill @ 5pm

Those new athletes interested in swimming at CCSU:

Tryout and parent informational meeting @ 5pm Monday September 8th at the CCSU pool

1st practice back @ CCSU will be Wednesday September 10th @ 5pm



Those new  athletes interested in swimming at SCSU in New Haven:Evaluation and parent informational meeting 4pm Monday September 15th at the Hutchinson Natatorium. 

Practice will begin  Monday September 15th

Please note that all meet announcements and last minute changes to meets can be found at Left side of front page under Meet Announcement. Please make sure to click on the What's New! next to the USA Swimming icon. Under What's New! you will find the last minute updates about meets.

All SONOCO families are eligible for a discounted membership to Star Hill in Tolland.

Registration Form: Click here

Parent Policy Handbook: Click here
All athletes must have a signed registration/contract form submitted before they can start swimming

Practice during Winter storms:
There will be practice if CCSU is open. If CCSU is closed or classes are canceled then practice is canceled. The quickest way to find out if CCSU has closed is to call 860.832.3333

There will be practice if SCSU is open. If SCSU is closed then practice is canceled. The quickest way to find out if SCSU has closed is to call 203.392.SNOW

Check the EACO tab

Congratulations to the SoNoCo organization as it has been recognized as a Bronze Medal club in the USA Swimming Club Recognition Program. This voluntary program presents different key areas deemed critical to long-term club success to benchmark our progress toward our goals. The ultimate objective of this program is to strengthen the club system in USA Swimming by guiding clubs through a development process that ultimately positions the program and its coaches to better serve athletes. Just as athletes are encouraged to review and assess their goals, the Club Recognition Program challenges clubs to do the same.

Information on how timing assignments work:
Usually two weeks before a meet I post on the website for parents to email me their availability to time at the upcoming meets. If I do not get an email from you I have to assume that you are available to time at anytime during the meet. I then take what has been sent to me and figure out by events who can time when. I do the best I can to have you finished with timing around the same time your swimmer finishes. There are times when we do not have people available to time at the end of the meet. So, yes at some point you may have to time past your swimmers last swim. If you can not time because you have young children that you can not leave alone please let me know so I can assign you the timing coordinator job. If your swimmer has been entered in the meet and now your swimmer is not going to the meet, please email me and let me know. If you are going to officiate during the meet please email me and let me know. Otherwise I am going to assume that you are not officiating and you are available to time. The more information you give me the better the timing assignments will be. I am very happy to work with your schedule; you just have to let me know. My email address is

Timing Coordinator: If you are assigned the timing coordinator job please sign out all watches at the beginning of the warm up session. Please verify that all the families listed to time are at the meet and prepared to time. Please make sure that everyone gets relieved from their timing assignment.

Timer: When you arrive at the meet please check in with the Timing Coordinator. Please do not sign a watch out. The timing coordinator will get all the watches. The Timing Coordinator will let you know what lane you are in and the time. Sometimes we have to change the times that are listed on the website to better reflect the time line of the meet. Please remember that as a member of this team you must participate in timing during meets, unless you are officiating at the meet. Please be respectful to the person who has the timing coordinator job. It is not always easy to find people to fill the timing slots.

Reminder to all swimmers that SoNoCo has a no scratch policy and if you can not swim in finals you can not swim in the prelims. All athletes missing finals swims will pay the fines!

Team Travel:
All team travel requiring a hotel stay will be done as a team. Deposits for these events will be required and due dates for deposits is listed on the team schedule. SoNoCo Swim Club will book all hotels, flights and ground transportation.

Team Apparel:
Notes: SoNoCo Swim Club is a speedo-sponsored program. Team Members will receive free team apparel for National Level Meets. ONLY SPEEDO SUITS AND SoNoCo CAPS ARE TO BE WORN AT ALL SoNoCo MEETS.

Conduct of Practice:
Swimmers are asked to be on time for all practice sessions Attendance, although not mandatory, is strongly recommended for all team members.
Planned absences should be communicated in advance with a member of the coaching staff
Parents are not allowed on deck
Parent/coach meetings can be scheduled before or after scheduled team practices.

Conduct of Competition:
Arrival is 15 minutes before each scheduled warm up
When team volunteer work is required, assignments must be filled prior to and extend through the entire competitive session.

Each Family MUST complete and sign a team registration form/contract prior to each winter season.